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BoneGames offers inexpensive non-computer games, including several that are free! To play any of the free games just download the file, print it out, and go!

Queen Victoria’s Navy now available at Boards & Bits

After almost 10 years of selling Queen Victoria’s Navy directly we have run out of copies, but it turns out that Boards & Bits has a bunch of them left to sell. Starting immediately we will no longer be taking orders for QVN or hex maps via this site, and instead am asking folks to purchase them from Boards & Bits. Find QVN at Boards & Bits.

BoneGames starts a Blog about Gaming

Many years ago we posted a variety of articles to this site (that can still be found in the Designer’s Notes section of the site), and now we are starting it up again. This time, however, we are using the latest fancy Internet stuff available to us, and will be blogging the articles instead of hosting them here. Feel free to visit it at Games I Play; comments are welcome.

New Game in Public Playtest – Marathon

We are presenting our newest print and play PDF game: Marathon. We are making available a playtest version of the game, hoping for player feedback to help us make any final tweaks before calling it finished. As with many of our games, Marathon will be a freely available game – download, print it out, cut out the cards and pieces, and play!

Marathon is a race game where player’s are the gods, influencing the competitors in subtle ways. Players must try to help their heroes to the finish line first, without being too obvious or other players will know which heroes to foil! It’s a simple card driven boardgame that should be learned and played in an hour.

We look forward to your feedback. Find the download on the Beta page.