The Games

Commercial games

Our currently available commercial game is:

Queen Victoria’s Navy
A war game of naval combat from 1860 to 1906.

Free games

Each of the following free games is distributed as a PDF document:

Admiral On Deck
The first free expansion for Queen Victoria’s Navy, including advanced rules, historical scenarios, additional ship lists, and more.
Ship List Pack #1: China/Japan/Russia
The second free expansion for Queen Victoria’s Navy, including ship lists for the Chinese, Japanese, and Russian navies from 1880 to 1907.
The Barons of Fyn
A root-beer and pretzels card game of empire building and conquering. Can you be the mightiest Baron of Fyn?
LNL – Laplace Newton & Lagrange
Ship to ship combat in outer space. Momentum based movement and a quick combat system combined to make a great space combat game!
The Way
An abstract two player game. By rotating and replacing cards on the board, players try to be the first to find The Way.
An abstract two player game. Be the first to get 5 spaces of your color in a row – with an intriguing twist!
An abstract two or three player game in which players place tiles in an attempt to form closed areas of their color. The larger the closed area, the more points scored!